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The Moor

Who Can Stay at The Moor

Plunge into a sophisticated culture of world class hospitality.

To ensure comfort, privacy and safety of all guests, the suites are only let out to selected clients who are pre-registered and pre-screened. Staying at The Moors is by invitation or by referral of our existing patrons.

A property is known by the company it keeps. It is therefore important that The Moor knows its guests well. This insight is critical for us to ensure the added safety, security and comfort of all guests in an exclusive, private club atmosphere. As a matter of policy, suites are only let out to clients who have registered with The Moor beforehand and have been pre-screened and selected based on their social or business profile.

The system is effective yet simple. Staying at The Moor is by invitation or by referral of our existing patrons. Invitations are sent out to prominent corporate setups and business houses across the country and the region depending upon the availability of rooms in the coming year. Based on guests' boarding and lodging requirements, a proposal is submitted that may range from dedicated occupancy of one or more apartments for a full year term or guaranteed space availability for a number of nights if lodging requirements are infrequent.

For a more accurate illustration of options available, please refer to the following roster:

Medium to Long Term Accommodation

Clients may rent one or more suites for a period of three months, six months or even a full year. This is typically applicable where medium to long term stay is required for project-oriented work where an individual or a small family of an executive needs accommodation. This kind of arrangement is ideal for the personnel or the executives of the client-patron who have to travel frequently to Lahore and high occupancy is expected throughout a given period. A third type of occupant may be a family of an individual who are in the process of relocating and require interim accommodation for a period of one month or more. This option provides many additional benefitssuch as attractive discounts on rentals, dedicated parking spaces, car rentals and a personal butler service among others.

Frequent Travelers' Accommodation

Guests with frequent but short-stay travel requirements may sign up for a minimum number of nights per year. In this option, if the usage exceeds the minimum nights reserved, further savings are earned as the total period of stay keeps increasing.

Infrequent Travelers Accommodation

Guests who travel less frequently to Lahore may also enjoy staying at The Moor without reserving a minimum number of nights in a year. However, they will have to be registered beforehand in order to make the most of their stay.

One Off Guests Accommodation

Tourists exploring Lahore, or expatriates visiting Pakistan, are also welcome. However, an introduction from an existing client-patron of The Moor is mandatory. Our one-off guests can also benefit from The Moor's ConciergeDesk who will gladly organize field trips, religious visits, trips to Northern Areas or even aquick shopping escapade.

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